DPA 815 Compositing

Project 3

For this project we had to stabilize a given clip, use tracking on a given clip and use match moving in a given clip.


For this video I used the tracking node in Nuke on the given video to help stabilize the output render.

The original footage was a handheld recording of some people in a moving train.

Node Tree

Final Composite


We were given a video on some people using a ski lift. I found some handheld footage of a monkey in a zoo, so I decided to composite the monkey onto one of the lifts.

I had to stabilize the monkey footage then create a matte for the monkey. Then I used the tracking node on the ski lift footage and composited the monkey onto the ski lift.

The monkey images follows the path created from the tracker node.

Node Tree

Final Composite

Match Moving

We were given a scene from the movie “The Last Airbender”.

I used the tracking node in Nuke so that whatever image I chose to composite in the scene will have the same motion path as the camera motion in the shot.

When I put the image in I also needed to create mattes for parts of the clip where a person (or water) was blocking my image. I used a Merge(difference), within Nuke, to control the opacity of the image during these frames.

Node Tree

Final Composite

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