DPA 815

Project 2

For this project we needed to make 3 composite videos.

A live foreground on a live background video, a live foreground on a CG background video and any foreground element into a movie clip.

Live on Live

I recorded the background and me walking in front of a green screen.

I used the keylight node in nuke to remove the green screen and various color correction filters on the background images and the walking frames.

Could not quite get the lighting to match because the green footage was shot indoors.

For the reflection I created a copy of my walking frames and used the mirror node to flip the image upside down. I also used the math multiply node to make the reflection semi transparent.

I then key framed the reflection so it will always be touching the original walk footage.

I key framed the position, rotation and skew.

Node Tree

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/51070799]

Live on CG

I took a video of me walking in front of a green screen (indoors).

I composited the frames, after using keylight, of me walking onto a CG render of the batcave that I found online.

The same technique I used to create the reflection, in the 1st composite, was used to create my shadow in this video.

It was easier to match the lighting/color in this composite since both images are with indoor lighting.

Node Tree

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/51070800]

Movie Composite

For my final video I found a clip online from the movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas”.

I created a stylized skull for another project and decided to light and animate it in Maya.

I rendered the frames and composited it into the scene using Nuke.

I animated a matte over certain parts of the animation, particularly the frames where the skull and the boys’ arm was overlapping. I then used a merge difference node so the boys’ arm would be in front of the skull.

Node Tree

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/51070801]

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